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Find public good technology project organized by country.


Americas ?

Anguilla (UK)

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Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands)




Bermuda (UK)



B.O. Culetivo is a free interactive map where users can submit their location and share information about criminal activities that take place in Brazilian cities. Developed by BO Colletivo in Porto Alegré, Brasil, the application allows the user to register different types of issues related to public security (thefts, robberies, kidnappings and other), giving location, date, time and description of the incident. Thus it is possible to know which areas of a particular city are safer or more violent. B.O. Coletivo is an urban activist group focused on public safety.

Learn more about "the app and download it".

Break Zika App is aimed to reduce the outbreak of dangerous viruses. It allows people to monitor and publish, so that everything is visible on a city map with several management tools. It encourages reporting, treatment and sharing and also helps identify mosquito carriers.

Break Zika is an initiative developed by in Porto Alegré, Brazil in partnership with various municipalities and government agencies across the world. This means that all publications can be sent to a platform accessed by the public sector, simplifying controls to take action.

Learn more about Break Zika and download the App.

Colab is an app that encourages citizenship actions by enabling users to elaborate and share suggestions to improve cities and send them to the local government. More than a wall of regrets, it is a tool that allows any citizen to pass on valuable information to public entities. Developed by based in Porto Alegré, Brazil, the app acts as a management system, streamlining demands of citizens, and creates a vehicle for for response directly on the platform.

Colab was voted the best urban application in the world by the New Cities Foundation because it operates on two sides: Shows the citizen a way to connect directly with his/her city; and provides managers with a more efficient way of managing.

Download the app at

iFarmacia helps users manage their most common day to day medication and health ordeals by connecting them with verified doctors and pharmacies. Developed to let Portugese speakers talk to a Portugese speaking doctor, the android app lets users first chat with a physician or have a medical consultation and then forward that prescription to the nearest pharmacy. Users can find out where the nearest pharmacies are, if they are open, and to be able to search for out of stock medications at multiple locations. The app includes the capabilities to receive medication alerts for when it's time to take medications and when they are gone, create medical appointments, and to access medical records and even to manage diabetes

iFarmacia developed the app along with Health Link International.

Learn more and download the app.

Laudelina is an app in set to fully release in 2017 that provides knowledge and tools for domestic workers to advocate for their rights. Laudelina is already a reality and its main objective is to legally protect domestic workers and promote a private social network between professionals in this sector.

Developed by Themis a feminist NGO in Porto Alegré, Brazil. Laudelina will provide stronger monitoring and accountability of labour inspection bodies in Brazil, such as The Public Ministry of Labour, or Justice of Employment, who participated as collaborators and key allies in its development.

Learn more about Laudelina.

Meu Filho Autista or "My Autistic Son" is an application for families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder developed to help these relations be the person in control of their child's treatment. It offers tools, tips and resources and community as well as pre-developed modules. The app was developed by ForLifeApp in São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil. It is common for children with autism to perform various therapies: It's common for people with autism to receive various therapies including Speech Therapy, Occupational Psychology, and Educational Psychology among many others. All these therapies may generate anxiety if parents do not have tools to evaluate what is being effective and which is thus not ensuring the coordination of the treatment of his son. The continuous and careful evaluation by this application aims to provide parents and caretakers the opportunity to coordinate the treatment of their child and through feedback, seek the best intervention strategy.

Learn more and download the app.

PLP 2.0 is an app to prevent and eradicate violence against women. The PLP 2.0 app panic button triggers the military police and sends a warning to PLPs - community leaders who have participated in training courses on women's rights and who are able to share information and support for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Developed by Themis, a feminist NGO in Porto Alegré, Brazil, also offers a platform for women to access resources on issues of gender inequality, breast cancer, violence, abuse and feminicide.

Learn more about Themis and download the app.

Pró-Química Online is a free portable application for professionals in the emergency sector who work with dangerous products. This Guide contains information from the Manual of Emergencies of the Pro Chemistry of ABIQUIM - Brazilian Association of Chemical Industry. It follows the UN guidelines for the Land Transport of Dangerous Goods (Orange Book) and The US Department of Transportation's Emergency Response Guidebook (DOT).

Developed by SUATRANS Emergência SA of Sao Paolo Brazil, a company that focused on solutions for the preservation of life and the environment, that provides its customers with products, training and services focused on environmental protection with the highest standards of quality.

Learn about emergency care and download the app.

Producing Right App was developed by Aliança da Terra based in Goiânia Brazil for all rural producers to manage the social and environmental aspects of their properties. With the Producing Right App, producers can collect information directly from the field in a quick and efficient manner, even when it is offline. It is applicable for any rural property, regardless of its size and type of production. Producers will be able to gradually and continuously improve their production practices and, as a result, will have the opportunity to raise the compliance level of the farm to national and international sustainability standards.

Performance reports are created and made available in a fast and transparent way, allowing instant sharing with the various links of the supply chain, creating new business opportunities. For further assistance, a team of environmental technicians are prepared to give all the necessary support through email or phone.

Learn more about the Aliança da Terra platform and Download the "Producing Right App".

SIC.SPis an app that allows citizens in the State of Sao Paolo, Brazil to access to the data and public information, produced or guarded by departments within the Paulista state administration. In addition, users receive notifications about the progress of their requests. Developed by Prodesp, the Data Processing Company of the State of Sao Paolo, this app brings government closer to the hands of the people. This app is supports the 2011 Access to Free Information Act and is directly a result of the formation of the Citizens Information Service (SIC) that allows for the request of documents and data related to the entities of the Paulista Public Administration.

Learn more about the the service or download the app.

S @ i is a system that guides farmers not to waste their water. S @ i is an technological tool for irrigation management aimed at maximizing the efficiency of water use in irrigated areas, allowing the user (producers, ATER technicians and irrigation district managers), faster access the Important information, and consequently a quick, reliable return to the farmer.

S @ i was developed by Inovagri based in Fortaleza, Brazil to address unsustainable agricultural production, especially in regards to water. There is a lack of basic research in regards to the use of water. Rural producers lack the technology, and the public apparatus lacks the equipment and qualified personnel. In view of these premises, Inovagri has created a non-profit entity that can bring a new perspective to research to irrigated fields all over Brazil through technological development and innovation in agricultural irrigation.

Learn more about Inovagri and the system.

Sistema Ambiental Paulista SAP developed by the State of São Paulo Environment Department, is an app that displays the location of parks in the state and indicates the quality of the air and beaches. The purpose of the application is to inform citizens and residents of São Paulo closer to the various services offered by the State Government's Environment Secretariat. It also lets Paulistas and tourists map collection points for cooking oil recycling through a partnership with the Sustainable Oil program of the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (ABIOVE).

Learn more about the project & Download the app.

SPX Denge is an application that takes a different approach in the campaign against dengue in an educational and captivating game as well as a supplier of more information. The game teaches how to identify mosquitos, ways to protect oneself and family and how to spot the symptoms of denge.

Developed by the State Department of Health of São Paulo to combat the huge effects every year from dengue on the residents of the state of São Paulo since the 90s.

Learn more information and download the app.

Turismo Acessível is free app provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism that displays the location of tourist attractions in the country that are accessible for individuals with physical disabilities. The user can search by accessibility for audio, mobility, visual and wheel chairs. Based in Brasilia, the Ministry is an advocate of disability rights. The tourism guide is a collaborative and allows users to register, rate and consult the accessibility of tourist spots, hotels, restaurants, parks and various attractions.

Learn more about the app and download it.

British Virgin Islands (UK)


Ottawa's Heart is an app to help you and others save cardiac arrest victims. Learn where the nearest defibrillator is, submit new ones, and approve existing listing.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills more than a 1,000 people each day, it is one of the leading causes of death. Defibrillators are easy to use, effective, and everywhere, but if you can't find a defibrillator in an emergency the chance of survival drops 7-10% for every minute without defibrillation. Ottawa's Heart helps you learn where the nearest defibrillator is, submit new locations, and approve existing listings. Find out more at Ottawa's Heart

Ottawa's Heart was designed and built by David Rust-Smith, Phil Vanstone, and Nick Breen.

Caribbean Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Cayman Islands (UK)



ELLAS libres de violencias is a mobile application that gives Colombian women a route to care in the event that they are victims of sexual, intra-familial, economic or political violence. The mobile application allows Colombian women to know more about specific cases or situations they might find themselves in, where to go to initiate a complaint, and what the specific requirements are that each Entity has for female victims of violence.

ELLAS was developed by La Red Nacion de Mujeres based in Bogota Columbia.

Learn more about La Red Nacion de Mujeres and download the Ellas app.

Costa Rica


Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands)


Dominican Republic


El Salvador

Falkland Islands (UK)

French Guiana

Greenland (Denmark)


Guadeloupe (France)






Martinique (France)


Montserrat (UK)





Reach is a social network of citizen security. Is an application without borders where people can share easily and if necessary in anonymity, information and evidences about crimes and social incidents. Reach can create in real time, new chances for take action or precautions, reduce response times and validate in community if there are false incidents thus effectively achieving joint work between authorities and citizens. Learn more about Reach.

Reach was created in Peru.

Puerto Rico (US)

Saint Barthélemy (France)

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Martin (France)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Sint Maarten (Kingdom of the Netherlands)


Trinidad and Tobago

Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

United States

Please list public good apps available within the United States. United States.

4Bells helps deploy known volunteers to complete urgent, time-sensitive tasks.

The idea for this app was generated by Animal Welfare and Food Rescue groups who spend an inordinate amount of time managing time-sensitive volunteer tasks. 4Bells helps organizations by shifting some of the process from white boards to the volunteers. Volunteers are notified about tasks and can claim and check them in, reducing time spent on the phone and tracking activity on white boards

4Bells was built, pro bono, by JayStack. The effort is also supported by a generous grant from Microsoft Citizenship. Find out more about 4Bells.

AboliShop aims to prevent the spread of human trafficking around the world by informing consumers of the ethicality of the supply chains for certain products. The AboliShop intervention tool interfaces with a web browser to display Free2Work grades as consumers browse through online retail space. Armed with this information, consumers can make the decision to buy from suppliers that have demonstrated a commitment to preventing human trafficking.

AboliShop is currently in beta testing. Learn more and about AboliShop and Free2Work.

AboliShop’s team is located in the United States and was created by Nick Montgomery, Kwamina Orleans-Pobee, and Wes Williams. AboliShop partners with Not For Sale and USAID.

Acres is the best way to find urban farmland online for the Sacramento region.

Acres Online helps farmers find available land using data from the city. Try out the platform and learn more about Acres.

Acres was made by Grant Smith and Code for America in partnership with The City of West Sacramento and SACOG. Created in the California, United States.

AdoptMe App enables animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives. AdoptMeApp helps bring stories to pictures and post them to Twitter and other social media, bringing a whole new level of exposure to these pets looking for their forever homes!

AdoptMeApp is used by shelter & rescue group volunteers, socializers, and fosters. Those who interact most with adoptable pets love taking pictures of their furry friends. Learn more about AdoptMeApp.

Appallicious is a data collection and aggregation company that creates products to help banks, businesses, and government create opportunity, savings, efficiency and value from all types of data.

Some of the apps developed by Appallicious are Code Enforcement Assessment Dashboard (CEAD), Neighborhood Score a mobile app that allows the user access to a block-by-block analysis of health and sustainability data, and the Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard (DAAD) built to serve the entire lifeline of disaster from community resiliency and preparedness planning through to post-disaster economic recovery. Learn more about Appallicious.

Appallicious was started by Yo Yoshida in California in the United States.

AsylumConnect catalog is the first ever online resource database for LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S. The catalog helps persecuted LGBTQ people identify and access verified human needs resources in the U.S. Current catalog product can be viewed here.

Learn more about AsylumConnect/

AsylumConnect was created in the United States.

Aunt Bertha is a search and referrals platform that helps people find and connect to social services across any zip code in the United States. Find out more about Aunt Bertha.

Aunt Bertha was created in the United States.

Balance lets anyone check their EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) balance with a text message. Balance was built because nearly 50 million Americans are receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) and we wanted to give them an easier way to check their balance.

Balance started as an idea to help social service clients in San Francisco. Balance now works in: California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Virginia. Balance is still in Beta testing. Learn more about Balance. Get involved on the Github.

Balance was created by Dave Guarino, Alan Williams, and Jake Solomon in San Francisco, California through Code For America.

Beam transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

Beam is a mobile customer loyalty platform that lets users benefit the causes they care about with every purchase at the places they love. Find out more about Beam.

Beam was created in the United States.

Be My Eyes transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and visually impaired with sighted helpers from around the world via live video connection. Find out more about Be My Eyes.

Be My Eyes was created in the United States.

Besiders Reminders App helps remind users to take their birth control. You just have to let the app know when the schedule starts with the first dose, what time of day you want a reminder, and then customize your reminder message to be either discrete or include funny messages, etc.

This app is easy to use, has lots of features and options for customization, and entertaining content along with every reminder. Learn more and download Besiders App for IOS and Android.

Besiders Reminder App was created by Besiders an online birth control support network for women 18-29 and operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregancy a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States.

Callbot is an app that will call a group of contacts for you in minutes to deliver a personally recorded voice message right from your phone. Simply make a group from your contacts, and then record your own voice message, then let Callbot make all the calls for you.

Callbot helps nonprofits and organizations manage their volunteers, send reminders, notify employees, and much more. Learn more and download the app Callbot.

Callbot was created by Gravity Fish a small developer team based in the United States.

CareerHub helps improve the struggles of workforce professionals to verify employment and provide meaningful retention services. CareerHub get results whose clients are schools and job training programs working with low-income people to get living wage employment. The app also continues the relationship between the career resource centers and those placed in jobs by sending messages via the app, and ability to incentivize activities like sending in a photo via the app of their pay stub and get back digital gift cards. The app helps save time and money, increase client job placement, as well as improves data collection and increase engagement.

CareerHubsUS is used by Workforce Development, Human Services, K-12, Youth Development, and Community Colleges. Learn more about CareerHub.

CareerHub was created by Kim Coulthurst and Amanda Gerrie of Pathways Consultants, a workforce development consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.

CaringCent App is modernizing philanthropy to virtuously personalize generosity across consumers, causes and companies.

Through CaringCent, consumers support causes in a way that fits their lifestyle, nonprofits establish relationships with new donors and companies deepen ties with customers through micro-targeted corporate philanthropy. Our motto is "Small Change, Big Impact. Learn more about CaringCent

CaringCent was created in the United States.

Centro Business Planning App is the first and only mobile app that helps you plan for a new or growing small business without having any entrepreneurship training, and for free. The app was developed to assist low-income, at risk and minority entrepreneurs learn the nuts and bolts about building a successful business.

The app coaches users on developing a business plan through a series of interactive activities. Learn more and download Centro Business Planning App

Centro Business Planning App was created by Centro Community Partners in Oakland, California in the United States.

ChangeX is a platform that coaches students in technical skill building and design thinking methods as they participate in social impact challenges.

Cities, organizations, companies, and schools can create challenges for youth ages 13–24 and youth can learn 21st-century skills as they participate in the challenges. Current ChangeX challenges run from two to six months with 50 to 50,000 learners. Learn more about ChangeX.

ChangeX was started by Libby Falck in the Bay Area in the United States. helps create giving circles to allow giving one community to another. is a giving circles platform designed to foster and expand citizen-led philanthropy and volunteer engagement in developing countries. Find out more about

Circles is powered by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CityXcape App is a real time map of people and activities in your city. The map shows you where people are hanging out and what they’re doing, so you don’t miss out on awesome moments to socialize. CityXCape’s mission is to transform every city into visible unified communities.

By having the app, you’re contributing to your city-wide community. Learn more and download CityXcape

CityXcape App was created by CityXcape and founded by James Pierre and William. CitiyXcape is based in San Francisco, California in the United States.

CleanSlateDC web service mission is to help you determine your eligibility to have a record sealed for those with a criminal history.

CleanSlateDC is a resource to help people with criminal records find success in their futures. Find out more about CleanSlateDC.

CleanSlateDC was created by the Code for America DC chapter in the United States.

Clean Swell is a mobile data collection app to reduce the amount of trash in oceans. You can use the app to document the trash you clean up at beaches, waterways, and oceans. During the cleanup, you can add photos of the trash you find and share those photos via social media for others to see. It tracks the path of users during cleanup efforts, tallies miles cleaned up, and keeps a record of the total amount of trash you’ve collected.

Clean Swells data delivers a global snapshot of ocean trash, providing researchers and policy-makers insight to inform solutions. Join the thousands of International Coastal Cleanup® volunteers who are working for a cleaner ocean by picking up the millions of pounds of trash that wash onto beaches around the world. Find out more about Clean Swell and download the Clean Swell App.

Clean Swells was created by the Ocean Conservancy and developed by Beaconfire Red in the United States.

Climate Cost Project is how the Climate Impact Census measures the costs of climate change happening right now. Learn more about Climate Cost Project.

Climate Cost Project wasc reated in the United States.

Code Alliance connect technology professionals to open source volunteer opportunities. The program creates volunteer opportunities that last from eight to 40 hours, spanning a weekend to a week-long commitment. In order to be considered for a Code Alliance project, the project must be open source, the nonprofit must already be using the technology in the field, and they must have one engineer on staff.

Learn more about Code Alliance and their volunteer opportunities.

Code Alliance was created by Benetech a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that empowers communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions in Palo Alto in the United States.

Codifi transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

Codifi is on a mission to change how we document the past by helping organizations let go of paper in exchange for sustainable digital practices. Find out more about Codifi.

Codifi was created in the United States.

Concrn app is a compassionate social service network and mobile app that connects people in need to volunteer responders trained in crisis intervention and mediation. It is meant to offer an alternative to calling 911 for many crisis situations. The mobile app allows citizens to report someone having a mental health crisis. First responders such as firefighters, police, and paramedics will get a text message of the report, and app users will see an update message when a responder is on the way. The app helps alleviate the tension between law enforcement and local residents, which is a big problem locally and nationally.

Concrn mobile app can be downloaded by concerned citizens on iPhone or Android. Learn more and download Concrn.

Concrn was created by Jacob Savage and Neil Shah of Compassionate Response Network in the Bay Area, in the United States.

DAHLIA allows residents of San Francisco to browse affordable housing in the city.

DAHLIA: San Francisco Housing Portal makes it easier to find and apply for affordable housing in San Francisco. Find out more about DAHLIA.

DAHLIA: San Francisco Housing Portal is a project of the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development in partnership with San Francisco Department of Technology Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation.

DataSF Open Data portal is designed to help the city of San Francisco’s city’s data be more accessible and usable to all. The portal has multiple ways to access data, including search, categories, and view by department, including the SFPD Crime data. Data is viewable by resource types like charts, maps, filtered view, and a data lens, with external links, files, documents, and calendars.

City staff has the support, skills and capacity to collect, manage, and use data effectively and efficiently. City data is understood, documented and of high quality. Our data infrastructure provides data that is usable, timely, and accessible. Published data supports broad and unanticipated uses of City Data and supports trust, transparency and accountability. Learn more about City staff.

DataSF was created by the City of San Francisco and is supported by Jason Lally, Open Data Program Manager and Jay Bonaguro, Chief Data Officer of San Francisco and other staff members, located in San Francisco in the United States.

DecipherAustin helps map Austin's open spaces.

Citizens need more information about how to make a more open space for people regardless of backgrounds. Go anywhere in Austin and answer a few short questions about your experience in the area surrounding the location. Find out more about DecipherAustin.

DecipherAustin was created by Decipher City in the United States.

District Housing helps residents and caseworkers prepare affordable housing applications by creating an online, common application form that can be used to automatically fill out any building’s application.

To apply for affordable housing in the District of Columbia, residents must fill out a separate paper application for each HUD-subsidized building they apply for. None of the approximately 100 applications are the same format and none are electronically accessible. Find out more about District House

District House is based in Washington DC in the United States and was created by Code For DC. District House partners with Bread For City.

Doctor D customizes recommendations regarding HIV & STD testing, HIV prevention, and vaccinations, and locates nearby sexual health services for men.

A free iPhone app that empowers guys to stay on top of their sexual health. Find out more and download Doctor D

Doctor D is made by David Ernst and Prevention Health Labs. Doctor D is based in the United States.

Empowered To Run empowers thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively.

We are developing online training and guidance on campaign techniques, policy, messaging, and governance, with a state & local focus. Find out more: Empowered To Run.

Empowered To Run is based in the United States, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

EWG’s Healthy Living App assists consumers in making healthier decisions by getting information on foods. The app allows you to scan items by barcode and get nutrition facts, ratings, and more info on the ingredients within those foods. The app has product health and safety ratings for over 200,000 food and cosmetics products.

EWG’s Healthy Living App is free and available for IOS and Android. Download and learn more about EWG’s Healthy Living App.

Healthy Living app is an Environmental Working Group app created by Exygy in San Francisco, California in the United States.

ESL Map is a filterable, mapped, community-sourced listing of available English Language Learner classes in the Nashville area. Find out more about ESL Map.

ESL Map was created by Nick Lorenson of Code for Nashville in the United States.

Everybody Helping connects individuals/groups with local organizations and causes that are important to them, facilitating monthly recurring donations, awareness building. Find out more about Everybody Helping.

Everybody Helping was created by Ehco Inc. in the United States.

FarmRaiser partners with local farmers and food artisans to get you amazing products and great prices for your next fundraiser. Learn more about FarmRaiser.

FarmRaiser was created in the United States.

Fastracker mobile app lets you help track oil and gas activity in the U.S. Fastracker believes that oil and gas data should be accessible to the public, and that individuals can contribute meaningful insight into potential impacts of the industry through crowdsourcing. The app allows users to submit oil and gas photos or reports regarding drilling near them. You can also view a map of nearby wells drilled and save your submissions for future reference.

Fastracker is available for free download on IOS and Android. Learn more and download Fastracker.

Fastracker was created by Fastracker Alliance in the United States. FracTracker Alliance studies, maps, and communicates the risks of oil and gas development to protect our planet and support the renewable energy transformation.

Faya is a learning civic engagement chatbot that recommends community-building places and activities for you to do nearby. This is vital, as in 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities. Learn more about Faya.

Faya was created in the United States.

Find Your Voice allows Tennessee voters to research their local lawmakers.

Find Your Voice is a civic engagement tool that assists users researching legislation at the Tennessee General Assembly. Find out more about Find Your Voice.

Find Your Voice was created in the United States.

First Derm provides direct access to a dermatologist for first steps & guidance on skincare concerns.

First Derm is available wherever you are. Your case will be answered by a top board-certified dermatologist in your area. Together the dermatology team speaks 6 languages and has helped users from 160 countries. Find out more and download the app First Derm

First Derm team is advised by globally recognized leaders in digital health, teledermatology and startups. Frist Derm was started by Alexander Börve. The team is based in the United States, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

'''Fiskkit''' is a web app that lets users discuss news that matters on the local and national levels, and verify truth of news reports. Fiskkit is currently available in Beta. Start using [ Fiskitt] online. Fiskkit was created in the United States.

Flower helps friends and family members be a strong and effective support network through the most important moments in life.Flower makes it easier to both ask and answer that question.

Flower is a mobile app available for IOS download. Learn more and download Flower

Flower was created by Jean Miller Truelson and Dog Patch Tech in San Francisco, California in the United States.

FreshEBT makes it easy to check your food stamps and benefits balance.

Through the FreshEBT mobile app, you can check your EBT balance, and locate grocery stores, corner stores, and farmers markets near you that participate in the SNAP benefits program and accept food stamps. You can also see an overview of where you spend your food stamps and view your history of EBT transactions, month by month.

The app is available in both English and Spanish versions on the AppleApp and Google Play stores. Find out more about FreshEBT.

FreshEBT was developed by Propel who build software for low-income Americans who are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation.

Fresh Food Connect allows urban growers to easily donate their surplus food to local food pantries without leaving their home. They can also track theirdonations through the application. Learn more about Fresh Food Connect.

Fresh Food Connect was created in the United States.

GiveFit mission is to make health and fitness activities more accessible to more people.

GiveFit connects people who can’t afford gyms or studios to free community fitness activities. Find out more about GiveFit.

GiveFit was created in the United States.

Goalie is a mobile application that enables Mission Asset Fund (MAF) Lending Circle participants to easily monitor their loan status, including payments in real-time, input savings and spendings, and create short-term budget goals. App users receive notifications from MAF staff if there are any payment issues or program updates.

The application is available on Github.

Goalie is open-source and was created by developer Jose Montes de Oca. The application was created in the United States.

Goal Getter simply and efficiently lets people know what is and isn't recyclable.

Goal Getter helps Alameda County Office of Education students meet their goals as they grow and learn. Find out more about Goal Getter.

Goal Getter was created by the Urban Strategies Council whose mission is to bring together people and data for equity and social justice.

Good Call Arrest Hotline is designed for a fairer criminal justice system. If you or a loved one are arrested, we'll put you in touch with a free lawyer. They'll tell you what to expect and begin handling the case. Learn more about Good Call/

Good Call was created in the United States.

Goodworld is on a mission to create a payments pathway that is the global force for good.

Goodworld allows you to use the #donate hashtag to instantly give to causes that matter on Facebook, Twitter and the web. Find out more about Goodworld.

Goodworld was created in the United States.

Greenease helps people eat local and sustainably grown food.

Greenease is a mobile app connecting consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocers buying from local or sustainable farms. Find out more about Greenease.

The Greenease mobile app is currently available in New York City and Washington, DC.

Hall of Justice is a searchable inventory of criminal justice data.

Criminal justice data transparency is important. Hall of Justice is a robust, searchable inventory of publicly available criminal justice datasets and research. The inventory incorporates government as well as academic data. Find out more about Hall of Justice.

Hall of Justice is a project of The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more accountable to all.

Helpugees is a matchmaking platform for refugees and volunteers. Learn more about Helpugees.

Helpugees was created in the United States.

Hermes Translator uses text messaging to help users communicate with anyone, in any language in the world. Hermes Translator helps you to break down language barriers and to communicate with others

Hermes Translator app is free and lets users communicate with the people that don’t share the same language. Learn more and download Hermes Translator.

Reid Chatham started this app to address the need to communicate more efficiently when traveling. This app was created in San Francisco, California in the United States.

The Human Utility formerly Detroit Water Project believes everyone needs running water and water is a human right. Water companies are turning off the tap in cities across the U.S., forcing low-income families, seniors and single parents to live without basic necessities. Families without water are forced to go elsewhere to take showers, clean dishes and get a drink. The Human Utility lets people donate to help pay for water bills for those who cannot.

The Human Utility lets people donate money, services, or partnerships to help those who are without or in danger of having no water in Detroit and Baltimore. Through their online platform they verify individuals who need assistance. Learn more about The Human Utility.

The Human Utility was created by the Conscientious Utility Project, Inc and was fiscally sponsored by the Social Good Fund, an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

imby informs, engages, and is a platform to influence the creation of responsive, sustainable communities. imby is important because supporting and creating walkable neighborhoods for everyone requires community engagement during the zoning process. Find out more about imby.

imby was created in the United States.

Kill the Cup has a mission is to provide nonprofits with white label versions of mobile apps built on our platform.

Kill The Cup gives you the best access to the top bingo deals in the industry. They feature both no deposit required offers, exclusive large bonuses and coupons for added value. Find out more about Kill The Cup.

Kill The Cup was created by karuna mukherjea in the United States.

Kricket is a crowd-mapping network helping people and organizations work towards a common goal building community and coordinating the distribution of humanitarian aid. Learn more about Kricket.

Kricket was created in the United States.

Laborlink transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

Laborlink translates worker voices into actionable analytics that enable socially responsible supply chains. Find out more about Laborlink.

Laborlink was created in the United States.

Larger Local is a curated shopping collection that allows like-minded users to find and share products made by socially conscious companies, helping products and companies gain prominence and increase their positive social impact. Find out more about Larger Local.

Larger Local was created by Sorrel Brigman in the United States.

LGBT MD helps to connect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people to well-trained medical providers. Discover providers near you by searching by both location and type. Bookmark your favorites and text yourself their contact info. Contribute reviews and new providers to help others find the care they need.

LGBT MD is open-source and is in beta for San Francisco. Learn more and try out LGBT MD.

LGBT MD was created by Daria Garina in the United States.

Litterati App is a global community that's identifying, mapping, and collecting the world's litter. Soda cans, plastic bags, and cigarette butts litter the environment, choke wildlife, and threaten our planet. Litterati is tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time.

Literati App is used by individual use globally. Geotaging pinpoints of individual pieces of litter collected worldwide. Literati is still under development for android. Learn more about Literati App

Literati App was created by Jeff Kirschner and Literati, LLC. Literati, LLC is located in the United States.

Link-SF is a mobile-optimized website that connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby. Focusing on basic services such as food, shelter, medical care, hygiene services, and technology access, Link-SF utilizes cutting-edge technology to stream the most up-to-date information to the people who need it most.

Link-SF was designed with three user groups in mind: 1) A growing population of low-income San Franciscans who rely on mobile technology to meet their basic needs, 2) Service providers who can use the most real-time data to direct clients in need, and 3) Everyday people who can use this information as a way to help refer San Francisco’s homeless population to a social service agency nearby. Link-SF is free software, get it here: GitHub.

St. Anthony Foundation, Zendesk, and user testing expert Kimberly McCollister designed and implemented Link-SF. Link-SF was created in the United States.

Labre is an app and a place for the community to share real-time knowledge of resources available in your city.

With the Labre app, you no longer have to depend on organizations to update resource directories. You can share your knowledge and help keep information about resources up-to-date. This includes resources for food, shelter, facilities, legal services, work opportunities, medical facilities, power, Wi-Fi and more. The Diginido Lifeline is a program that helps the homeless and low-income community acquire smartphones with free data plans as a way to stay connected to families and provide an avenue for digital education. Find out more about Labre

Labre was created by Ehb Teng and Diginido Labs LLC, a social impact venture based in the United States.

LocalData is a cloud-based mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualizing street-level information in real time.

Public sector and non-profit professionals use LocalData to quickly collect and map street-level qualitative and quantitative data. Design custom map-based surveys, manage data online and instantly visualize geospatial data without a data expert. Learn more about LocalData. LocalData continues to be an open source project, find the code on GitHub.

LocalData began as a Code for America project with the City of Detroit's Office of the Mayor. Three Code for America fellows (Matt, Alicia and Prashant). LocalData is being used in Detroit, San Francisco, and New York City in the United States.

Local Free Web focuses on bringing Internet access to those who don’t have it. 25% of adults don’t have any regular Internet access. You need the Internet to find the Internet. Local Free Web is a text messaging service as well as physical signs in bus stops. Text any bus stop id to a phone number, receive text messages with locations of computers with Internet access around that bus stop.

Local Free Web is available on GitHub and focuses on proving a resource directory of sites that provides free access to internet enabled computers in San Francisco, California.

Local Free Web was created by a team part of SF Brigade Code 4 San Francisco located in the United States.

Lunch Box is a consumer food and grocery management app taht will help reduce food waste in the home, and at the retailer level. Leran more about Lunch Box.

Lunch Box was created in the United States.

Maia Health has a mission to change the way in which children take on the responsibilities of their medical care.

Maia Health is an application to help guide chronically ill children as they transition from pediatric to adult healthcare. Find out more about Maia Health.

Maia Health was created by a team of five health-focused university students brought together at the Stanford Medx Conference and earned seed funding from Ashoka Youth Venture.

Martus is an app that focuses on the needs of grassroots organizations and human rights defenders and helps with information management. The app is for desktops that focused on structured data collection and helped circumvent Internet blocking in various countries. The tool is aimed at providing journalists with a means of transmitting information, while protecting their sources and themselves.

This project focuses on an open source Secure App Generator that will allow users and partners to create custom “Powered by Martus” write-only applications (where the user can only submit data, but not read it post-submission, so as to reduce risk for untrained data collectors), making it easier for organizations to distribute secure, easy-to-use data collection tools and for users to collect and secure information in the field. Previous support focused on the creation of a mobile version of Martus for the Android mobile OS to allow for secure information transmission in the field. Learn more about Martus on the Open Tech Fund platform.

Martus was developed by Benetech a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that empowers communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions in Palo Alto in the United States.

MEDAPulse is an NPO in San Francisco’s Mission District that helps people with their financial goals. The app helps financial counselors better engage with their clients by moving them from their standard paper action plans to a secure web-based texting platform.The app uses group text messaging from the coach to the clients, with scheduled reminders.

MEDAPulse is open-source and they invite any non-profit being able to roll their own version of the app. The app was built in Rails and AngularJS app designed for the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) to enhance their financial capability coaches' ability to interact with and track the progress of their clients' action plans. See the Github for more information on MEDAPulse.

The MEDAPulse project was started at San Francisco’s first financial empowerment hackathon, SF Smart Money Hackathon, then went on to win the national hackathon in August 2014. MEDAPulse was started in the United States.

Mentive is a platform for live online classes with real people and top quality materials to master the skills you need.

Mentive believes knowledge turns dreams into reality. Education brings knowledge. Mentive is a global educational community where students and mentors meet to turn any online course into an interactive learning experience. Mentive is determined to find a way to enhance all the great online courses out there with the benefits of face-to-face learning. Find out more about Mentive

Mentive was founded by Jonathan Heyne and has a team of mentors. Mentive is based in Berkeley in the United States.

Moneythink is a movement of young people working to restore the economic health of the United States through financial education. Moneythink has an app that challenges you to prove your financial skills.

Money think believes the opportunity gap is wider than ever. Money skills aren't taught in American schools. We believe every student deserves a financial education, and we're on a mission to make that happen. Find out more and download the app Moneythink

Moneythink was created by Ted Gonder, Greg Nance, and Shashin Chokshi and is based in Chicago, United States. Moneythink has partnered with Causelabs.

My RoundUp App lets you put your spare change from everyday purchases to good use by contributing to the causes you care about. Connect your debit/credit card and your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and given to your cause in micro donations.

My RoundUp App is free and available for ISO and Android. My RoundUp App also has options for private label use and customization. Learn more and download My RoundUp App

My RoundUp App was created by a team and was founded by Aaron Lowe in the United States.

No Place Like Home is a website to help tenants make informed decisions about a buyout offer. Buy Outs are common practice for property owners to renters of rent-controlled apartments in San Francisco.

Through the site, the tenant inputs info about them, their rental and the buyout offer, and then gets estimates of what they should request for a buy-out. A map is also made of all the buy-outs recorded in San Francisco. Try out the web app No Place Like Home. See the open-source code on Github.

No Place Like Home was created by developer Jesse Germinario in San Francisco, California in the United States.

Notifica is an app, built by United We Dream and Huge that empowers undocumented immigrants to take control of their destinies. With the press of one button, users can quickly activate their pre-determined backup plans by sending 30 personalized notifications to family, lawyers and their support networks in the event of an ICE raid. Learn more about Notifica.

Notifica was created in the United States, and built by United We Dream and Huge.

Ohana makes it easy for communities to publish a database of social services, and allows developers to build impactful applications that serve underprivileged residents.

Retrieve detailed information about the services available in San Mateo County. This project is part of the development of the Ohana API, an open source database of community services. Ohana is displayed in six different languages. Learn more and use Ohana.

Ohana’s platform was developed by Anselm Bradford, Moncef Belyamani, and Sophia Parafina during their Code for America Fellowship in 2013, in partnership with San Mateo County's Human Services Agency.

OneRelief is the first ever mobile application collecting micro-donations (US$1-$5) for humanitarian relief aid. OneRelief launches crowdfunding fundraisers within hours after a disaster has struck and invites smartphone users through social media to make a small donation via the OneRelief app.

Collected donations are forwarded to emergency response funds and support certified humanitarian NGO’s in the affected area(s). Learn more about OneRelief.

OneRelief App was created in the United States.

Open311 is an open protocol that reports public issues like graffiti, abandoned cars, or illegal dumping to local government. Local city governments will receive these reported issues, dispatch them to related departments, and handle those issues.

Open331 App is developed with Ionic and to run on iOS and Android. Open311 is open-source, download Open311 App on GitHub.

Open311 was created by Code For San Jose in partnership with San Jose in California in the United States.

Open Garden is a peer-to-peer mesh network enabling communities, orgs and app developers create resilient, people-powered networks, extending the reach of the Internet.

Open Garden is dedicated to connecting the next 5 billion mobile devices with peer-to-peer connections. Many call them the pioneers of peer-to peer mesh networking. They created FireChat, the first messaging app to enable people to communicate even without any Internet connection or cellular data. Find out more and download the app Open Garden

Open Garden was founded by Paul Hainsworth, Ben Teitelbaum, and Christophe Daligault. Open Garden is based in San Francisco in the United States.

Open Health Network is smart, configurable, customizable mobile B2B2C health platform. The Open Health Network enables healthcare organizations to create powerful mobile health applications that run on any device and in any language within a day without coding.

It is an open platform and integrates with the existing systems, applications, devices, data and content. Each app can automatically adapts to each patient. OHN's interactive big data dashboard provides deep big data analytics. Learn more about Open Health Network.

Open Health Network was started by Tatyana Kanzaveli and Maksim Tsvetovat in Bay Area in the United States.

Open Schools! is a web app that hopes to support family decisions with data. Open Schools! helps parents choose a school in Washington DC.

Open Schools! recognizes that the "right" school for children can be evaluated not just by standardized test scores, but by teacher turnover, parent involvement, special programming, community and more. Data is from school populations by neighborhood, and gradually plan to add information collected from the city, NGOs, the private sector, and users. Learn more about Open Schools

Open Schools was created by Code For DC located in Washington DC in the United States.

Open States allows you to discover and follow all state legislatures.

Open States is a collection of tools that make it possible for citizens to track what is happening in their state's capitol by aggregating information from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Search the politics in your state by finding your legislators, reviewing their votes, searching upcoming legislation, and tracking bill progress. Find out more about Open States.

Open States is a project of The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more accountable to all.

Out App was developed to support youth coming out to friends and family. Out App includes suggested conversation starters that include films, articles, and other media, challenges that encourage involvement in the LGBTQ community, features to schedule conversations with family members, access to volunteer mentors (and a pathway to engage volunteers), crisis services, LGBT-friendly housing resources, and more.

The Out App is all volunteer built and is still being built. Learn more and volunteer with Out App.

The Out App was started by Eddie Chen at NYU in New York in the United States.

PARTNER Tool s a social network analysis tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration among people/organizations. The tool is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and designed for use by collaboratives/coalitions to demonstrate how members are connected, how resources are leveraged and exchanged, the levels of trust, and to link outcomes to the process of collaboration.

PARTNER Tool includes an online survey that you can administer to collect data and an analysis program that analyzes these data. Learn more about PARTNER Tool.

PARTNER Tool was created in the United States.

Party Time helps track the political fundraising circuit.

From the early hours of the morning until late in the evening, politicians are meeting with donors. Political Party Time lets you know who’s fundraising and where. Find out more about Party Time.

Party Time is a project of The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more accountable to all.

Person-Centered Network App will assess a person's social support network, identify where help is needed, leverage strengths, and link the person to resources to fill the gaps. Learn more about Pesron-Centered Network App.

Person-Centered Network App was created in the United States.

Phone2Action is a digital grassroots advocacy platform.

Phone2Action connects your supporters to elected officials with social media, phone and email advocacy tools drive participation in civic process. Find out more about Phone2Action.

Phone2Action was founded by Ximena Hartsock and Jeb Ory in the United States.

Planet Murple is an app that teaches kids to cook, so they build curiosity and self-sufficiency around food.

Planet Murple hopes to redesign our broken food culture starting with kids and education. Find out more about Planet Murple

Planet Murple was created by Emily Yao and Dave Resnick. Purple Murple is based in the Bay Area in the United States.

Polis is a mobile app that helps harness the power of door-to-door offline advocacy. You can use Polis to generate canvassing routes, load scripts and questions for volunteers to follow, and track the locations and conversations of those you have visited. It displays data analytics for each campaign, and helps to target who you should visit the next round.

The app has been used successfully in many civic issue campaigns such as school district polls, and for social issue cause-building uses. Polis is perfect for door-to-door sales organizations (i.e. construction, solar, energy, home repair, retail, cable, insurance, etc.), non-profits, church groups and political campaigns. Learn more and try out Polis.

Polis was created by Kendall Tucker and has offices in Boston and Virginia in the United States.

Propelit is a platform for nonprofits to create quality, inexpensive short videos for giving campaigns, social outreach, and advocacy.

The app guides users in a step-by-step way on how to effectively shoot and share videos with helpful tips like how to best hold your device, frame the shot, and light your scene. Once your video is complete, you can use Propelit to push your new video as a call to action via social sharing. Learn more and try out Propelit.

Propelit was created by the digital agency See3 in Washington DC in the United States.

PulsePoint transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

PulsePoint mobile app alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby Sudden Cardiac Arrest event and the location of the closest AED. Find out more about PulsePoint.

PulsePoint was created in the United States.

Range helps US school-age youth find safe places and summer time meals. The list of safe places is all libraries in the US. The summer meals are the locations of USDA funded meal service sites that are available during the school year.

Range is available and has data for the entire US. Range will help us get to zero hunger (SDG 2). Find out more about Range.

Range is made by Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States.

RagTag uses technology to make progressive organizations and candidates better at what they do. We connect tech volunteers eager to jump in and help out with projects for organizations doing good work on the ground - and actively manage our projects, from scope to solution. Learn more about RagTag.

RagTag was created in the United States.

Recyclable simply and efficiently lets people know what is and isn't recyclable.

Recyclable allows anyone to find out if their item can be recycled by simply taking a picture of it. With this application, there are no excuses not to recycle. Find out more about Recyclable.

Recyclable was created by Miriam Hendler in the United States.

The Refuge Restrooms app is focused on providing safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender noncomforming individuals. Refuge is an effort to fill the hole left by the now-defunct Safe2Pee website. It provides a resource for trans and queer individuals in need of gender neutral and other safe restrooms.

Learn more and use the Refuge Restroom web app. The Refuge Restroom also has an api and if free to contribute on Github.

Refuge Restroom was started by Teagan Widmer and is available in the United States and internationally.

Reporta app is the next step for journalists to act on any risk situations they might encounter in potentially dangerous conditions worldwide by creating security protocols, and through setting up in-app check-ins, designate what steps to take if a check-in is missed including locking mobile access to the app, send sensitive audio, photo, or video data to designated contacts, and create alerts of who to notify if assistance is needed.

Reporta is a free app available on iPhone and Android devices in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Turkish. Learn more and download Reporta.

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) designed Reporta to empower journalists working in potentially dangerous conditions to quickly implement their security protocols with the touch of a button. Reporta was built by RevSquare in Washington DC in the United States.

RideAlong transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

RideAlong bridges the gap between police officers, mental health providers, and people by giving the officer tailored info about the most frequent callers. Find out more about RideAlong.

RideAlong was created in the United States.

Rise CIEL App is a coordination platform that brings unprecedented efficiency to the delivery of humanitarian aid worldwide. CIEL is a SaaS platform (Software as a Service), consisting of a robust suite of tools, including an assessor and responder mobile application, and a cloud database with a UI portal driving the global humanitarian system.

RISE CIEL App tools, designed to work in internet and infrastructure poor settings, rely on portable Wi-Fi, solar device charging, and technologies common in developing countries. Learn more about RISE CIEL

SafeNight helps fund alternative shelter for a safe night.

As part of the Safe Shelter Collaborative, SafeNight provides staff members at domestic violence and anti-trafficking service organizations a secure way to crowdsource funding from supporters who have downloaded the SafeNight app.

When an individual is in urgent need of shelter, a qualified staff member at a domestic violence service organization can initiate a request for hotel room funding. Supporters who have downloaded SafeNight receive a notification that an individual is in need and have an opportunity to immediately cover the cost of the hotel room as a tax-deductible donation.

SafeNIght is made by Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States. Find out more about SafeNight.

SafeRideWalkSafe is an easy-to-use smartphone app that provides real-time updates to a chosen group of contacts whenever you take a trip. You can watch a video here. You can learn more about SafeRideWalkSafe.

SafeRideWalkSafe was created in the United States.

Salama web and mobile application is used to assess risks for journalists, bloggers, and human rights defenders. Salama provides automated advice, training resources and useful links to enhance risk reduction capabilities of the user. All journalists or bloggers may analyze particular risks they face as a result of their work.

This app also will evaluate a command of digital tools and provide specific advice and training resources. Salama is still in Beta. Learn more about Salama.

Salama was created in by Jorge Luis Sierra and developed by the International Center for Journalists with the technical support of the Peace Tech Lab in the United States.

The Sanctuary App provides immediate safety options to domestic violence survivors who have been turned away from their local shelter and placed on a wait list. Find out more about The Sanctuary App.

The Sanctuary App was created for Survive 2 Thrive in the United States.

SF CrimeData transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

San Francisco Crime Data from the SFPD data provided by SF OpenData. Find out more about SF CrimeData.

SF CrimeData was created in the United States.

SF Environment has a goal to visualize building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to encourage owners and building managers to make proper changes.

An Energy Benchmarking Dashboard that displays building-specific energy, GHG, and EUI metrics and measures building performance over time. Find out more about SF Environment.

SF Environment is a project of the Data Science Working Group at Code for San Francisco, for the San Francisco Department of Environment in the United States.

Shot Gun Messenger was designed to simplify communication from a single origin to a larger group while hiding member phone numbers, allowing group members to respond back, and limiting access time. The group leader may text individuals or the entire group from their web app or using simply using their phone's SMS feature. The click to call feature connects the group leader with any member in the group via a conference call.

Shot Gun is currently in beta and accessible on GitHub.

Shot Gun was created by Jolene Hayes with the help of Hackbright fellows in the Bay Area, California in the United States.

SmartResponse allows donors to make informed decisions after a natural disaster, as the outpouring of generosity that follows natural disasters are often delayed and diluted. SmartResponse does this by curating algorithm-sorted and location and disaster-specific "how to help" lists.

Through SmartResponse, information about which organizations are responding — and which are not —can redirect hundreds of millions of dollars to the most transparent (and often local) groups that have the greatest capacity to deliver assistance and save lives. Learn more about SmartResponse.

SmartResponse was created in the United States.

Smoke SenseThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) built the Smoke Sense mobile application to increase awareness of the known health effects associated with exposure to wildfire smoke, and to develop effective strategies to communicate health risks from smoke exposure. Smoke Sense app users participate anonymously, in a survey, to help the EPA evaluate health effects from wildland fires experienced by those who participate, and to test whether health risks can be communicated effectively through resources and engagement delivered with the app. Learn more about Smoke Sense. Smoke Sense was created in the United States.

Spendrise transforms everyday purchases into votes for positive change.

Online platform where customers make change. Vote with your wallet and advocate for positive change wherever you spend money. Find out more about Spendrise.

Spendrise was created in the United States.

Statement App enables you to easily communicate in-person via large, high contrast text when you can't talk out loud. Whether you're at a noisy concert, in a quiet classroom, or have trouble speaking, you simply type your message and turn your phone around.

Statement App is currently a free app on IOS, download here. Find out more information about Statement.

Statement App was created by Carrie Phillips and Todd Anderson in San Francisco, California in the United States.

Stronger Than Espresso App is your go-to place to access resources for women in need of help. Find out more about Stronger Than Espresso App.

Stronger Than Espresso App was created by AdvanceNet Labs in the United States.

Talking Points is a platform that connects teachers, parents and students across tech and language barriers through a multi-lingual texting platform.

Talking Points is free for teachers to use in the web or mobile platform. Learn more about Talking Points

Talking Points is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started by Heejae Lim and Nancy Lee. Talking Points is located in San Francisco, California in the United States.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic App for the Tenderloin Housing Clinic lets the tenants of SRO hotels and private apartments for low-income families report code violations. The app also helps the staff to manage, act upon and assign the violations to an appropriate staff members. It also helps the general public to see which SRO hotels and apartments have the most violations.

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic's mission is to prevent tenant displacement, preserve and expand the City's low-cost housing stock and to provide comprehensive legal assistance to low-income tenants. Learn more about the Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a 501(c)(3) organization.Tenderloin Housing App was created by Nicolas Melo and is on Github. Tenderloin Housing Clinic is based in San Francisco, California in the United States.

The Maya App is a streamlined and secure application designed specifically for busy doctors. The collaboration and communication tools in Maya are what really make this app a powerful tool for the busy physician.

The app and lets you be a part of the Maya community where you will become a key part of a network dedicated to creating a more efficient and effective healthcare environment. An interconnected family of doctors all with the latest in mobile health tools at their fingertips, all collaborating and sharing patient information, all helping to inform one another and the community around them on the challenges and breakthroughs affecting the health of their patients. Learn more and download the Maya App.

The Maya App was developed by the Maya Health Network, in the United States.

Tier 1 Screener is an online tool that helps frontline professionals rapidly and effectively identify possible victims of sex trafficking. Find out more about Tier 1 Screener.

Tier 1 Screener was created for Allies Against Slavery in the United States.

Track it Forward is a volunteer time tracking app that allows volunteers to track their own time and see their progress. This effective time tracking app can help organizations maintain forward momentum in recognizing volunteer achievements, and tracking the number of hours a volunteer works.

Learn more about Track It Forward.

Track It Forward was built by Anca and James McBryan in Oakland, California in the United States.

TransitScreen is a real-time display of transportation options at your location. Information about your transportation choices is displayed at a glance, live and in real-time. Compare train times to bus arrivals on your way to work in the morning. Know when your employee shuttle arrives so you aren’t caught waiting in the cold.

The service is active in every major city in the US and Canada, and select European cities and in over 10 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi. Learn more about TransitScreen.

TransitScreen was created in the United States.

TriggerGive is a mobile-based platform that allows users to instantly donate money to organizations via Twitter. Users send donations to any nonprofit of their choice, in response to social media posts that either "enrage or inspire them." Learn more about Triggergive.

TriggerGive was created in the United States.

UpTrust seeks to assist people who are in the pre-trial process and at risk to miss their first court date. A missed court date often results in jail time for the defendant, even if they are non-violent offenders. UpTrust removes barrier by providing customized text message reminders, free transportation to court, and free childcare for parents attending court.

UpTrust works with trusted public officials to connect with defendants. Learn more and try out UpTrust

UpTrust is a social impact company created by Jacob Sills and Elijah Gwynn in the United States.

Vana Learning is a technology platform that improves academic outcomes for students with ADHD. Find out more about Vana Learning.

Vana Learning was created in the United States.

Water Tracker is an app that tracks how much water you use every day. Water Tracker tracks showering, driving, eating, and drinking your morning coffee all use water, and using the app you can track, find ways to reduce your water consumption, and even compare your use of water with your Facebook friends.

The app is currently being piloted with Colorado State University and UNAM in Mexico City to compare the water usage by students at each university. Learn more and download the Water Tracker app.

The Water Tracker App was created by Fidan Karimova, Dmytro Malakhov, and Vitalii Starush in Washington DC, in the United States.

WellDone builds technology tools that empower resource-constrained communities with the data they need to provide critical infrastructure that lasts. WellDon oversees the functioning of water pumps in Tanzania, with the effort to make communities there self-reliant. Often wells end up neglected and eventually break down.

The app MoMo addresses the needs of local water pump engineers to bring the app with them to their field, view and get notified of the changes in health of the pumps, provide updates once they fix issues, possibly navigate to other pumps, view the lay of the land, even without network availability. Learn more about WellDone and download the app MoMo.

WellDone is an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization started by Jim Yoon and Josh To. WellDone’s team is located in the United States and internationally.

We Vote political social network for America. View your ballot, learn from friends, share your vision.

We Vote USA is nonprofit, nonpartisan, open source, and ready to get out the vote through social sharing. We are a volunteer-driven movement, dedicated to educating citizens and bringing social collaboration to the process of making voting decisions. We have built an open platform for citizens to create and share personal voter guides that aggregate information and opinions across their social networks. Find out more about We Vote

We Vote USA was started by Dale McGrew and is in the process of applying for 501(c)(4) nonprofit status based in the United States.

Whistler App is a mobile application designed for front line activists, human rights defenders, and citizen journalists facing surveillance and digital or physical repression to capture and share evidence of political violence, human rights abuse or corruption.

Through the app, you can also trigger a Panic Mode to alert a trusted network of an emergency situation and erase sensitive data from your device. Learn more and download the Whistler App.

Whistler is developed by Build A Movement (BAM). BAM is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to supporting activists and organizers around the world. Find out more about BAM at

Wildfire App sends you real-time safety alerts when dangerous incidents occur nearby – such as muggings, shootings, and fires.

The safety app is used by 15,000 college students and is growing. Learn more and download the Wildfire App

Wildfire App was created by Vinay Ramesh and Hriday Kemburu of Day, LLC. The app was created in Berkeley, California in the United States.

Worker Connect empowers workers to provide feedback.

In close collaboration with migrant workers, worker welfare staff, and support networks in the Persian Gulf, Worker Connect is a mechanism for migrant construction workers to learn about their rights, share information about their experiences, and provide anonymous feedback to worker welfare supervisors. To be piloted in late 2016, the service includes a mobile app for use by construction workers to report feedback on their living and working conditions, and a dashboard where supervisors can analyze anonymous data to highlight areas of concern and intervene when necessary. Learn more and download the Worker Connect

Worker Connect is made by Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States.

wonktonk aims to enable crowd-intelligence to come up with reasoned solutions to public problems that are usually "left to the experts". wonktonk is for all policy wonks: informed citizens, students, advocates, practitioners and professionals who like to apply logic and facts to public issues. Learn more about wonktonk.

wonktonk was created in the United States. is a nonpartisan nonprofit digital voting organization (formerly Long Distance Voter). Americans are eager to adopt digital voting solutions. has built and will continue to iterate the digital technology that removes barriers to voting and increases voter turnout.

The advocacy website, that hopes to reach millions of voters nationwide by easy-to-use technology that helps Americans register to vote, check their registration status, and get their absentee ballots. was created by Debra Cleaver in the United States.

YesHealth empowers people everywhere to start living healthier, happier lives. YesHealths mission is to stop diabetes and take charge of your health–and have fun doing it–by developing healthy habits that last a lifetime.

YesHealth is the first all-mobile personalized diabetes prevention program. In the app you partner with a health coach team to create a personal, holistic health program that requires no special equipment or prepared diet foods. Learn more about YesHealth and download the app.

YesHealth was created by Alex Petrov and Yes Health Foundation in the United States. Yes Health has partnered with Solera Health, UCSF, and American Diabetes Association.

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